Now you’re cooking…
There’s some serious engineering in the Avatar Series,
from the design of the body to the construction of the jars.
Bring the Avatar home.
Make amazing meals with fresh ingredients
instead of ready-made boxed meals from the supermarket.
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Rs. 3,210

Key Features

A patented safety lock system...

... is a standard feature on all our models.
The machine will work only if the dome is secured on the jar.
Mixer half Image-1c

Without the dome ...

... the microswitch will not engage, cutting off power from the motor.

With the dome ...

… the microswitch engages, powering up the motor.

Enjoy our completely redesigned dome & and stirrer…

…for a brand new experience.
Stirrers are designed for the contours of the jar to allow you to stir even while grinding.

“I especially loved this feature, one which I’ve not seen before.”

– Neha Mathur (Food Blogger)

Dom with stirrer
Reset Button new

Overload reset button

If the motor is overloaded and begins to heat up, a mechanism will trip
it. This can be reset to begin functioning again.

Stainless steel jar and blades

We’ve given you two stainless steel jars:
one for smaller quantities like dips, chutneys, or spice blends;
and one for larger quantities as well as for blending.
The blades are removable for easy cleaning. Also included is an interchangeable whipping blade.
Need more jars to separate food ? Extra jars are available.
Tecnora Stainless Steel Jar with Blades

See how it works

Whats included

What’s included?

It comes with: a two year warranty on the motor, a one year warranty on the entire product,
a spatula, and an extra whipping blade.

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Need help with service or repairs ?

Get in touch with us. We will guide you to the nearest service center and will follow up with them until your product is repaired and ready for you.

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